6 Tips for Boosting Fitness


Grab an exercise buddy. It doesn’t take much to talk yourself out of exercising, so a good strategy is to enlist a buddy to keep you on track. When someone else is expecting you and has scheduled the exercise around your joint commitment, it holds you more accountable for your commitment to better health.

Wear a pedometer. Just clip this little device on your belt in the morning and you’ll have a much greater awareness of your movement throughout the day. Aim for 10,000 steps each day, which translates into about 30-45 minutes of activity. With a pedometer, there is no hiding a sedentary lifestyle. It can be a rude awakening about how sedentary you are when beginning to use a pedometer. But remember, knowledge is power; once you know your fitness profile, it can be a tremendous motivator to get moving!

Schedule exercise into your daily calendar. Good intentions to exercise rarely materialize if you don’t actively plan for it to happen. Determine when your peak energy level is during your day, and slot in an exercise date with yourself.

Convert lunch dates to exercise dates. Getting together with friends or colleagues for lunch? Instead of sitting in the restaurant spending money and eating too-large portions of food, meet for a walk instead. Take a bottle of water and finish with a healthy snack like yogurt and fruit, and you’re ready to go! You’ll save money and have a boost of energy for the afternoon.

Turn on cable exercise programs. If you have premium cable or satellite TV, you likely already have all sorts of fitness programs available at your fingertips. Made to suit any fitness level or taste, you can try yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, salsa, and even African dance. These programs air 24/7, and some are even available On Demand. Tune in and work that body!

Work out while waiting during your children’s activities. If you have kids, you have possibly spent many hours waiting for them at sports team practices, tutoring, enrichment classes, or community service duty. Rather than sit in the car, in the stands, or at the coffee house nearby, put on your walking shoes and have a brisk walk. There might even be another part of the same facility where your children’s activities are being held where you can have a workout. In fact, many of these centers are now offering parent activities that coincide with the kids’ classes.

Start slowly, then gradually increase your distance and intensity week-by-week. Making exercise part of your daily routine is a habit you can live with!