Focus On You

Image-Thrivorship Inspiration Card
(Image-Thrivorship Inspiration Card)

Self-care is more than indulging in comfort foods, spa visits, and retail therapy. It is looking at habits and behaviors that might not help your cancer recovery, and making changes that will make it easier for you to sustain a healing lifestyle.

Focusing on yourself in this way might be something that makes you feel uncomfortable. After all, as a woman, it is wired into your DNA to take care of everything and everyone–except yourself. You get so used to carrying the weight of your world, that you don’t even realize what a heavy load you are carrying.

Having cancer changes everything! So your approach to living has to change too! When healing from cancer, what’s most important is focusing on your mental, emotional and physical well-being. After all, you cannot continue to help yourself or anyone else if you are not healed and healthy. Right?

Your investment in self is essential. You first! When you are on an airplane getting ready to take off, what does the flight attendant say? “In the case of the loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen mask will drop down in front of your face. Please place it over your nose and mouth first. THEN assist others after your face mask is secure.” You first? Even when traveling with children. Taking care of yourself first is an important life-saving message, not just when you fly, but every day!

Investing in yourself is, in fact, the most selfLESS act you can do!