Picking Up The Pieces


Part of what makes cancer recovery so difficult is the push to “get back to normal.” But let’s be real. Cancer treatment is a life-altering experience that changes everything about your life. The harsh reality is, there is no “back to normal.”

It’s as if life “BC” (Before Cancer) was complete, with the family, work, relationships, identity, life goals, self-concept, finances all in place. Maybe it wasn’t a rosy picture, but it was yours–familiar and manageable. When cancer came into the picture, it shattered your life, tossing everything apart and putting life as you knew it on hold.

When the medical treatments are over, many women work hard to put the “BC” picture back together. But do all the pieces fit now? Do you need something different? Something more?

So many women explain the struggle of life after active treatment, “I feel broken!” “Everything about my life seems unfamiliar now!” “Nothing seems to fit the same anymore! Not even my clothes!” “My life feels so scattered now.” Sound familiar?

As you can see, you are not alone in these feelings. It is pretty typical to feel unsettled. Maybe these feelings won’t hit right away. For some women, it can take months before being able to face and talk about these uneasy feelings. That’s okay. You are not alone! And while few people around you might understand, we do!

Thrivorship is dedicated to women just like you! We help you build a new life with practical skills and resources specially created for women healing from cancer. Welcome home!