Simple Pleasure


Cancer treatment is hard work! At every point, teams of oncology professionals are there, setting your schedules and guiding you through the grueling process. There are often throngs of family, and well-wishers surrounding you with support. All good, and much appreciated.

Cancer recovery can be just as hard but in an entirely different way. After clinical treatment ends you are on your own, left to navigate the life changes that cancer brings. It can be a time of uncertainty and discomfort that is not just physical, but emotional as well.

Many women feel overwhelmed at this point, feeling pressured to resume life as it was before cancer (BC). And many feel frustrated that returning to life BC is not possible—or even desirable. It can be an endless loop, with no apparent way to get on track.

Start simple.

Ask yourself, “Today, what is the one thing that will make life a little easier?” Sleep? Beautiful flowers? Listening to music? A movie? Ice cream? A walk? Five minutes without people clambering for your attention? Checking in with yourself each day in the manner is essential for keeping you moving forward with the healing process.

The answers don’t need to be complicated, expensive, time-consuming or physically demanding. In fact, the simplest of pleasures are usually, free, effortless and momentary. They feed your spirit, bring clarity and restore the balance between mind and body. Pacing yourself day-by-day makes recovery more manageable and productive.

Making space for simple pleasures is the foundation of healing. Try it!