Delicious Indulgence


“People ask me all the time how I made it through and survived cancer. Here’s the thing- mostly I just got lucky. I didn’t want to live more than anyone that didn’t make it, I didn’t do anything better than they did, and I certainly didn’t deserve to beat this any more than those that didn’t make it. I did my best, worked my ever-loving ass off, and got lucky.

What I can speak to is what helped me along the way. Love helped. It has been difficult to articulate how incredible it has been to keep an open heart and let people help. I think that’s a hard thing to do in our have-everything-be-everything society.

Once the people who can and want to show up do just that, and then the assholes that were probably too toxic for a well-lived life fall away as they inevitably do…life becomes truly fucking stunning. Love distilled to only the best souls at every echelon of acquaintance. That helped more than I’ll be able to say.

Also? Delicious indulgence. This doesn’t mean expensive, exactly…but my particular brand means scalding baths, the best quality food my pocketbook can afford, red lips for every occasion, nips of stunning whisky, kimonos, sprawling prose, handsome fellows, quick-witted ladies, the perfect pitch of a heel, succulently slow Sunday mornings, a well timed and placed use of the word ‘fuck’, and workouts that leave sweat on the floor.

I urge you to find your indulgences, work really fucking hard, stay humble, and surround yourself with love. The rest is really all just luck.”


We thank Jessica Tousignant for allowing us to share her story, being such a staunch supporter of Thrivorship, and living life to the fullest! An extraordinary woman!