Now What?


You’ve made it through surgery and dealt with the grueling demands of chemo and/or radiation. After months and months of having your life turned upside down by cancer, it’s not surprising that you and the folks around you are cheering, “You’re done!” “You are a survivor!”

But many women get to this point and feel alone and unsure of how to move forward. Without the routine of treatment and the team of cancer specialists to get you through each day, you can be questioning, “Now what?” How unsettling to be finished, but still feeling far from done!

After all, your body is likely altered by cancer surgery, leaving scars that still have to heal. And there are often side effects that to manage, additional surgeries needed, and many years ahead of taking cancer medications too. It is understandable why sometimes you don’t feel like celebrating!

And those are just the physical realities of cancer treatment. Rarely do we acknowledge the emotional and everyday life impacts of cancer treatment. Recovering from this ordeal can be just as taxing as the treatment itself, and many women get stuck along this path without any help.

Cancer recovery is about processing the waves of emotions, facing the impacts of life put on hold by cancer treatment, and rebuilding a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. With the proper time and tools to guide you to wellness, cancer recovery can be an empowering, restorative process. That’s what being a Thrivor and Thrivorship is all about.

Thrivorship is an individual process that is different for every woman. And we can help you tailor your cancer recovery according to your needs. No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches here! Thrivorship helps answer the question, “No what?” by helping you find a new, more comfortable and confident you.

You are not alone! Have a look at our video, “The Hidden Toll of Cancer Treatment,” and find women just like you.

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