Testimonial: Jodi


I am still to this day so impressed — almost to the point of incredulity — at the absolute astuteness of Jacci’s curriculum in addressing all of the very specific areas of one’s life that are most affected by the experience of cancer. It is cathartic to have the rational structure of recognizing the damages and changes in cancer’s wake.

The next step in the workshop is taking stock of that impact individually, with the added benefit of listening to and sharing in others’ experiences. This empowerment is the greatest gift of all, as it is the true key to thriving, not just surviving after cancer. Honestly, this facet should be recognized as equal in weight to the physical (surgical, oncological) treatments of the cancer, as this is healthcare encompassing the big philosophical picture.

I cannot express adamantly or vociferously enough how Jacci’s insightful program sustained and inspired my recovery — mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.