Testimonial: Josephine


Prior to Thrivorship, words like “no,” “self-care,” and “joy” weren’t part of my vernacular. And as I transitioned from active treatment for bi-lateral breast cancer to the “what the hell did I just survive” phase, I struggled to ground myself.

The Thrivorship curriculum and approach is nurturing, honest, and taught me to listen to my body and learn to give it what it needed. By documenting what I’d been through, what I was currently feeling, and what I wanted for the future, I gained a deeper appreciation and love for my body.

I learned that setting boundaries and honoring my (new) limitations wasn’t a weakness by rather a strength. When so much of the focus is on treatment, Thrivorship helped prepare me for everything that comes after. I learned that while I had cancer, I am not cancer.

I simply cannot recommend this program enough; I’m more present in my body and better equipped to nurture both my head and my heart.