A Thrivorship Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-womanThanksgiving has become a holiday of eating LOTS of good food. And most of the food prep chores usually fall on you, right? Cooking for Thanksgiving is a labor of love. But in the months after cancer treatment, you might not be feeling up to the cooking marathon required for the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Now is the time to remember the spirit of the holiday–caring about and connecting with people. So rather than focusing on the food, why not amplify the sharing of the season?

Offering your time and attention to someone close to you could spread the spirit of giving thanks in another valuable way.

For example, why not pledge an hour a week or several times a month to a loved one? You can make a coupon for them to redeem, or write your pledge in a card. The point is, by putting it in writing you’re making a firm commitment and making yourself accountable. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Helping Our Elders

  • Many seniors struggle to live independently. Offer to provide transportation to help elder family and friends go shopping or run errands.
  • Simple tasks at home like climbing to reach things on high shelves, or changing overhead light bulbs just aren’t so simple for them anymore. Be their arms and legs.
  • Reading the newspaper, or the fine print on bills and contracts need younger eyes to see clearly. Be that extra set of eyes for them.
  • Living far away from kin? Every city has a senior center that would be thrilled to have your volunteer time.

Helping Parents

  • The gift of childcare could be like winning the lottery for many over-stressed parents!
  • Taking the kids away, or staying at home can be liberating–let them choose. Donate some days, evenings, or weekends specially designated for a self-care time.
  • Give the luxury of quiet, adventure, sleep, self-enriching activities, or whatever is needed to help them feel WHOLE again.

Thanksgiving is just one day. Helping others is cathartic, healing and much longer lasting. A Thrivorship Thanksgiving is about giving gifts of the heart. It feels good PLUS they’re easy on the wallet and the waistline!