Fueling Resilience

To get through the ordeal of cancer, many people go numb, mentally step outside of themselves and present their body for treatment. The pain and uncertainty they endure are beyond comprehension to their former selves.

It is an effective strategy and very typical. It is also unstainable. Because it’s not just your body that is affected by cancer.  It’s also your mind, your spirit, your emotions, your family, your job, your sense of self that are impacted. And the rippling effect lingers. It’s the burden of all this that makes you tired.

When I say Fueling Resilience, I’m talking about laying down roots that permit you to think about yourself differently. Flexible. Out of the box, let go of your preconceived notions of what “should” be happening, and focus on you.

Redefining Resilience: “The daily awareness, acceptance, and actions needed to fuel your best quality of life.”

How do you make this new definition of Resilience come alive?

#Radical Self-Care

That means you first!

Radical Self-Care isn’t selfish! All the excuses like, “my kids” “my job” don’t apply. Because you cannot be your best for them without being at your best!

Radical Self-Care is a daily investment in your well being. DAILY! But rather than a monetary investment, RSC is an investment of your time and attention. Remember—it is Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

Simply put, Radical Self-Care is a change in how you think and the resulting actions you take based on the insights you gain. Simple, but not easy.

Fueling Resilience is about the small, incremental, consistent actions you take to fill the tank of your well-being. The goal is not letting it get so depleted that it takes strenuous efforts to get back to full.

This month we’re starting a series, “#Radical Care,” offering a 10-Step Action Plan for fueling Resilience and sustaining a healthier lifestyle. Stay tuned!